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Touch the reliability.
Uncompromised performance you can count on.
With four channels with wide bandwidths up to 470MHz, the SS-Series oscilloscopes afford the highest level of performance in their class. Boasting Iwatsu-developed meshless CRT providing bright and clear waveform observation as well as comprehensive ergonomically designed controls and switches, the SS-Series offers the ultimate in versatility for your electronic testing applications. Now experience the ultimate in reliability.

DC - 470/400/300MHz, 4 CH, 10 traces
* DC - 470MHz (-3 dB) at 5 mV - 50 mV/div
* DC - 440MHz (-3 dB) at 2 mV, 100 mV - 5 V/div
HDTV, NTSC, PAL/SECAM-compatible full TV triggering with clamping function
±2% accuracy for vertical axis sensitivity
Bright and sharp display with 20 kV accelerating voltage CRT (Japan made)
Maximum sensitivity of 2 mV/div
Input offset function
6-digit frequency counter
Quick auto setup
Save/recall of up to 256 panel settings
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