Committed to accuracy
All calibrations are performed in compliance with applicable ISO requirements and our laboratory equipment is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

You have to trust your measuring results...

The goal is, to achieve the highest measurement quality and productivity. We offer expert instrumentation calibration services for many types of calibration and test and measurement instruments. Extensive experience ist applied to every calibration we perform and our strict adherence to our quality regulations assures you of complete compliance to the standards that affect your industry. Our calibration equipment standards are traceable to NIST, equivalent national or international sources, or physical constants, as appropriate. Calibration tolerances are based on manufacturers specifications or customer requirements.

Calibration items are labelled and the calibration access is sealed where appropriate.

In many cases we do adjustments to bring out-of-tolerance measurements back to specification. Otherwise our customer will be notified of out-of-tolerance conditions.

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We calibrate the following parameters:






     DC current
     DC voltage
     AC voltage
     AC current
     Time interval
     HF - voltage






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