Our customers can count on over 30 years of experience in repairing and maintaining electronic instrumentation.

Especially the instruments and systems sold by KONTRON Elektronik GmbH are still supported by us. In addition we service and repair electronic instruments of various manufacturers in the field of:

Broadband Amplifier, Digital Mulitmeters, FFT Analyzer, Filter, Function Generators, Calibrators, Logic Analyzer, RLC Bridges, Power Analyzer, Oscilloscopes, Phase Meters, Pulse Generators, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzer, Power Supplies, Current Probes, Thermometers, Transient Recorders, Counters, Wattmeters and all kind of Recorders...

With the following companies we established a very close relationship, i.E. concerning spare parts supply:

Analogic, Boonton, Dranetz, Elgar, ENI, Genrad, Guildline, Iwatsu, Kepco, Kontron, Krohn-Hite, Nicolet, Ono Sokki, Quadtech, T&C Power Conversion etc...

We also specialize in servicing instruments no more supported by the original manufacturers. Just contact us and we will try to help you!

Before actual repair, we issue you an estimate of cost and case by case we offer our customer an equivalent new unit and then it’s up to him to decide for a general overhauling, a minimum repair or to invest in a new unit.



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 Over 30 years of experience

 Manufacturer independence repair

 Over 50000 spare parts on stock





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