Programmable Analog Oscilloscopes    SS-7840P/7830P/7811P/7804P


Programmable function



4 channels

3 channels

2 channels

Setup memory

Max. 255 steps, can be divided into 1 bank/255 steps to 63 banks/4 steps

Comment input

Up to 12 characters for each step

Save mode



Manually saved from the front panel

Setup data transferring

Setup data can be transferred to/from an IBM/PC or compatible PC

Recall mode



Manually recalled from the function knob on the front panel

Manual controller

Manually controlled sequentially by UP/DOWN switch with initializing switch


Direct recalling by 8-bit binary code,
connector: D-sub 25-pin,
input signal: TTL level,
input voltage: -0.5 V min to +7 V max.

Refer to the Specifications page of the SS-7840/SS-7830 for the basic performance of the SS-7840P/SS-7830P, and refer to the Specifications page of the SS-7811/SS-7804 for the basic performance of the SS-7811P/SS-7804P.






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