Programmable Analog Oscilloscopes    SS-7840P/7830P/7811P/7804P


Based on Iwatsu Test Instruments Corporation's renowned SS-7800 "Mr. Analog" Series Oscilloscopes which provide excellent basic performance and easy-to-operate features, the new Programmable Oscilloscopes SS-7840P/7830P/7811P/7804P have been developed exclusively for manufacturing line use. With a built-in CPU, programming functions are made simple, and the setup data can be loaded to the oscilloscope from a personal computer. This greatly reduces the re-programming procedures that are inevitably required when the product on the line is changed. Quicker response (when compared with control via a GP-IB interface) also contributes to improved productivity.
Iwatsu Test Instruments Corporation's peripheral components (optional accessories) developed based on many years achievements will also simplify the re-configuration of your manufacturing line.

Quick and direct readout requiring no interface


When used together with an optional Manual Box, set up conditions can be recalled or saved quickly and easily.


Easy writing/reading of panel settings


Panel settings can be written from the front panel, so specialist knowledge is not required. Moreover, panel settings can be easily read just by turning the function knob and selecting a step number.


12-character comment input capability for each setup data


Up to 12 characters can be input as a comment for the manufactured product (name, etc.), allowing effective use of setup data.


Flexible bank setting


The 255-step memory area can be used in various configurations, from a single bank with 255 steps to 63 banks with 4 steps each. This is convenient when 1 bank is used for each manufacturing product.


Compatible with 8-bit BCD binary code in conventional automatic control line


The 8-bit BCD (binary coded decimal) binary codes that are used for controlling the other equipment in the manufacturing line can be used for controlling the bank and program step numbers of SS-7800P series.


Concurrent loading of setup conditions


When a personal computer (IBM PC/AT or compatible) is used, panel setup data can be downloaded onto the floppy disk or uploaded to the oscilloscope together. This feature greatly reduces setup procedures required for re-programming two or more SS-7800P Series.






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