Analog Oscilloscopes    SS-Series Waveform Examples
Eye-patterns in optical disc manufacturing process
When evaluating optical discs such as Blu-ray Discs, HD-DVDs, CDs or DVDs, eye patterns need to be observed. With this analog oscilloscope, accurate observation of the eye patterns of high-speed and high-density media is easily possible.
* Blu-ray Disc signal eye pattern waveform
Video head frequency modulation signals
Input and output signals to/from video heads are frequency modulation waveforms. The voltage of recorded or read-out signals to/from the video heads is specified. To observe these FM signals, an analog oscilloscope is indispensable.
* VHS deck head signal waveform
ATM 155 Mbps signal eye patterns
The standard transmission rate for most networked communication systems is 155 Mbps (STM-1). The amount of jitter can be estimated by observing the signal waveform with the eye pattern and following the pulse mask standard.
* 155 Mbps signal eye pattern waveform measured with SS-7847A (DC - 470MHz)
Full TV triggering
TV-V (ODD field, EVEN field, BOTH fields) and TV-H are available. Line number selection in TV-V mode is useful for detailed evaluation of video signals. HDTV can be selected, as well as NTSC or PAL/SECAM (except for SS-7805A/7804A/7802A)
Switching power supply measurement
A switching power supply unit with a higher harmonics measure switches the voltage of a commercial power supply at high speed. In terms of circuit operation, switching stops at the zero cross of the AC power supply. To observe this condition, an analog oscilloscope is required. Analog oscilloscopes are also superior when simultaneously observing voltage and current waveforms. In addition, when magnifying a switching waveform for observation on an analog oscilloscope, no complicated operations are required to trigger the waveform.



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