Analog Storage Oscilloscopes    TS-80000 Series


Video signal

The TS-80000 Series displays video signal details accurately.
It can clearly show slow repetition video signal details with ultra-high brightness via the persistence function.
The TS-80000 Series has functions that are ideal for video signal monitoring, including an HDTV trigger, a greatly reduced delay jitter performance, two types of video signal scales, and dual delay.



* In addition to grids, axes, frames, TV1, and TV2, the TS-80000 Series also includes a customizable scale creation function.

Photo multiplier tube

The photo multiplier tube enables weak light emitted via radiation in the scintillation counter to be measured as voltage variations.
With the TS-80000 Series, clusters of irregular single-shot signals can be updated at ultra-high speeds and displayed in real time with slight differences in brightness.



Blue laser

The read/write signals of laser diodes are getting faster as the density of optical storage media increases. The TS-80000 Series can provide solutions for engineers due to its 1GHz (TS-81000)/600MHz (TS-80600) frequency bandwidth - the widest in the world.



EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)

1GHz oscilloscopes are recommended for checking Electro discharge waveforms of the IEC61000-4-2 standard.
The TS-80000 Series stores high-speed single shots in a photograph-like manner, which was difficult to achieve with a digital oscilloscope. A function to automatically output a single-shot waveform image is also available.



Large-capacity transmission

The TS-80000 Series analog oscilloscope features a bandwidth performance of 1GHz/600MHz, enabling ultra-high-speed updating (1,000,000 times per second) of transmission waveforms previously monitored by equivalent sampling using a digital oscilloscope.
This real-time performance is unique to an analog oscilloscope.



High-power laser waveform

High-brightness analog oscilloscopes are necessary for continuous low-repetition rate pulse signals.
The TS-80000 Series can provides new safety evaluation style as a high power laser with video output and a LAN interface.



Evaluation of power-factor improvement circuit (power supply)

The TS-80000 Series displays jitter contained waveforms with brightness vatiation in real time.