Analog Storage Oscilloscopes    TS-80000 Series


Newly developed CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) scan converter tube

The scan converter tube is a mechanically reliable and extremely durable high-speed storage tube based on our advanced CRT technology. Featuring a simple design much less complex than that of a conventional oscilloscope CRT used for observation, this scan converter features a CCD (charge-coupled device) that can read waveform information drawn on the screen at any sweep rate directly via an OFP (Optical Fiber Plate).

Sectional Plan

The newly developed scan converter tube mounted in the TS-80000 Series employs a refined pre-focus lens in the electron gun to improve the beam efficiency and raises the S/N ratio by directly coupling the OFP and CCD. The application density has also been improved by shrinking the particle size of the fluorescent material so as to increase the resolution and employing a refined application method.

Block Diagram