Analog Storage Oscilloscopes    TS-80000 Series


The only 1 GHz/600 MHz wideband analog oscilloscope in the world!

This series features the world's highest frequency for an analog oscilloscope:
1 GHz (TS-81000)/600 MHz (TS-80600)

Ultra-high brightness, variable persistence function and ultra-high writing speed of 10 div/ns

The newly developed Scan Converter Tube (SCT) provides clearer and brighter waveforms on the LCD display. Ultra-high brightness also allows us to observe random noise in a repetitive signal.

Slow-repeating waveforms can also be measured easily. Moreover, there is no effect on the brightness even if the delay expansion ratio is large. This oscilloscope broadens the analog waveform measurement area even further.

[More than 1,000 times brighter than our conventional analog model]

Ultra-high speed storage

Using the waveform storage function, it is very easy to observe high-speed single shot waveforms.

The TS-81000/80600 can easily store high-speed single shot waveforms in a max. range of 200ps/div (TS-81000), 500ps/div (TS-80600).
The fact that even small-amplitude high-frequency noise is stored can be clearly seen.

High-resolution color low-temperature polycrystalline silicon LCD display (800 x 480 dots)

Since the status of cursor measurement and other settings are displayed outside of the waveform area, you can concentrate on observing displayed waveforms effectively.

Persistence function allows over-writing of waveforms

This is convenient for comparing waveforms, observing single-shot waveforms, and observing low-speed waveforms in X-Y mode.

This function is effective for observing any rarely generated noise and jitter in a repetitive signal.
Ultimate real time display is realized with a waveform capture rate of 1 million times/sec.

High-accuracy 6-digit frequency counter

Built-in thermal printer and versatile output interface

A built-in thermal printer (supporting thermal paper and grayscale printing) and a LAN interface (10Base-T) are provided so you can output and send measured data directly or via a network. An ATA card slot saves display images and setting conditions. Video capture/recording and monitoring are available with NTSC (with S Video)/RGB signal output.

Burn-free and shock-free

The existing methods of measuring high-speed analog signals all give rise to concerns about burning the CRT, etc., used for measurement. This is due to the high cost of the storage tube that captures the waveforms and the length of time it takes to repair the tube. Since the waveform is stored by the CCD, CRT phosphors are protected from burning. Durable construction provides excellent shock resistance.